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Thank you for visiting The Dismal Trader. This is record of all the tangible items I love to create and sometimes when I'm extremely motivated a site for my to hawk my goods. I've been extremely lucky to have a close relationship with my Grandfather who has taught me a lot about, well, everything. I enjoy my days off from my "real" job and I am often either in the garage with my Grandpa, or out riding motorcycles with him. My Grandfather's passion of wood working and making objects was instilled into me at an early age and I enjoy working on projects together with him to this day.

My Grandpa won't ever understand a $400 Pirate Cannon that takes up too much space in my living room, lights up, makes a boom and has fog puff out, but if I ask him the best way to tackle said project he will always point me in the right direction. Our artistic ideas may differ, but the process we come up together to tackle the problem is always an enjoyable one. Everything I have made thus far has been in my Grandfathers shop and since he has a ton of experience throughout his years I have a lot of experience and knowledge at my fingertips! Every once in awhile I get to teach him something which is always an awesome thing. We're both reduced to little kids when we get an animated project working for the first time, or we see anything with lights! While most of my projects do not showcase woodworking, I do try and work in a wood medium, so I can combine one of my Grandfathers favorite hobbies with my own.


Whether it is making animated wood characters, full-size coffins, furniture, to even the small wood cutouts I sell everything is hand made, painted and assembled by Me! I do not own a CNC machine, nor do I have a 3D printer. I cannot produce items in large quantities, nor do I like making the same thing over and over because I am not learning anything new! Horrible business motto, right?! Often my items have flaws, defects, and are not painted with extreme precision, but each piece is one of a kind and made by an individual!

I often would dream of creating my own business, but I would spend more time dreaming than doing. That changed when I met my Wife, Veronica. I owe a lot of my inspiration to Veronica. She is the reason I am trying to branch out and try to make that happen. She has done an amazing job starting something she can call her own. I am not as motivated, dedicated, or persevering as her, but I am slowly making that change. I get what I call "Mr. Toad phobia" and when I get an idea in my head I am 110% involved into making it happen, but if I am not learning anything new, or it is not a challenge, I lose interest. The Dismal Trader is a step in the right direction for me and I know Veronica will be happy and fully supportive that I am finally taking the next step!

Get out an make something! It is an awesome thing to dream, design, and fabricate an object that you can hold! If you are not the adventurous type it's ok! Buy from me and keep me doing something I love!

Thank You!

Michael Ament
The Dismal Trader


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