Haunted Mansion Bench

Made a bench to accompany the craft table I made! I found a tutorial on Lowes on how to make a bench from plumbing material. Definitely not inexpensive! I also purchased some Haunted Mansion fabric to upholster the bench with! I deviated from the plans a bit and purchased 1″ fittings because my store did not have enough smaller ones. I ended up having to go to Home Depot to pick up more pieces.. I don’t remember, but they did package them differently.. I believe Lowes has them each with a sticker and Home Depot has each piece in a bag. Not a huge difference until you go to paint the pieces!! The stickers did not come off easily. I recommend purchasing them in the plastic bags if your store has them that way and save a ton of time! I also used two 1/2 thick pieces of pine for the seat!

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