• Skyrim Shield

    Haven’t been working on much of late, but I did start a quick shield project. I’ve been playing a fair bit of Skyrim and watching a few Viking/Historical time pieces and I figured what a better thing to make with wood than a shield. A quick glance around the web and I found a fantastic Skyrim shield by VolpinProps and I pretty much followed his tutorial save for sculpting in clay. I figured it would be easier for me to make the whole thing out of wood. After determining the best course of action on how to cut out multiple circles between a table saw, band saw, or router I chose the router. Interesting enough a table saw and band saw will cut perfect circles too (quick search on youtube will prove this), but it would have been harder to make the metal trim ring that gives depth to the shield!

    Here is how I did it!

    Cut everything out into 2×2 sections size doesn’t matter just cut them out to the overall size of the shield you want. Mine will be slightly smaller than 24 inches. 

    I then glued a two inch by two inch square to the center of the boards with a hole in it. This is used to anchor the router and homemade jig to use as a track to arc a perfect circle!

    The jig just has to mount the router base to a fixed arm with a pin/nail in the end that will drop into the glued square with hole in it on your shield piece! Nothing fancy here!
    Router in action! Remember the size of the circle will be twice the length of the jig! Cut shallow cuts over and over until the circle is cut out!!

    Backside of a jig! It is not as interesting as the back side of water, but that is an article for another day! I used a metal dowel I had laying around, but a nail, or wooden dowel would have worked just as well!

    Here is a completed circle!

    The trim rings were made the same way as the inner circles, but once the outside diameter was cut I moved the jig and shortened the stroke and repeated the process to cut the inner diameter out and it left me with a nice trim ring! Fear not the excess circle that was cut out can be used to make Ouija Boards, signs, or smaller shields for little minions!

    Here they are! I used 1/2 inch plywood for the material, so they are in total one and a half inches thick! Trim ring on the front, full circle for the shield in the center and one more trim ring in the back!

    I then took the router and carved planks in the shield face. I have not glued down the trim rings in place yet and I recommend not doing that until after the next few steps and possibly until after painting! I traced the trim ring onto the shield face, so I didn’t carve the decorations down past the inner dimension of the trim piece.

    Free handed some wood grain designs onto the shield! Just used a pencil and went crazy.

    Voila! Time to stain and paint. I will update the process once that is completed! Time to enjoy some mead and dream of Valhalla!
  • Haunted Mansion Bench

    Made a bench to accompany the craft table I made! I found a tutorial on Lowes on how to make a bench from plumbing material. Definitely not inexpensive! I also purchased some Haunted Mansion fabric to upholster the bench with! I deviated from the plans a bit and purchased 1″ fittings because my store did not have enough smaller ones. I ended up having to go to Home Depot to pick up more pieces.. I don’t remember, but they did package them differently.. I believe Lowes has them each with a sticker and Home Depot has each piece in a bag. Not a huge difference until you go to paint the pieces!! The stickers did not come off easily. I recommend purchasing them in the plastic bags if your store has them that way and save a ton of time! I also used two 1/2 thick pieces of pine for the seat!

  • Happy Anniversary… to me!

    Just wanted to share with everyone a video I made for our wedding ceremony last year! I figured out how to combine some of our favorites, Walt Disney, Alice and Wonderland, and pictures of us into a video that was shown to our guests a year ago on a very special day! Hoping my wife can also see this since she is in a state away visiting family! 🙂 Figured I’d make her and her family sob happy tears as everyone did a year ago! Hehe! Love you, Veronica!! 🙂

    OK that’s enough sappy stuff for now! Off to make some more memories and new projects in the upcoming year! 😉 Still lagging on posting the video from Halloween.. I will get there eventually! Promise! 
  • Old Hag comes to life!

    It’s been a slow start to the October season! :<( Delusions of grandeur pretty much from November first last year and I didn’t get as much done as I wanted thus far. Thirty days left. 30 days. Doh! Need to fine tune the stroke of the linkage to have a little more movement in the hand, but it is at least moving at this point!

    Figured I will put in work on this and the Magic Mirror and just detail the rest to look good instead of quanity over quality! Really wish I could have enclosed the porch in with a facade, but that just means I can try it again next year!  

  • Magic mirror next to the wall.. who is the fairest of them all?!

    Made some progress on the mirror! So much left to do! :<( Already started scaling back due to time and money. I still want to enclose the porch, but that may be a pipe dream at this point. I am going to animate the witch using the motor from my cheshire cat, so at least between the two I will have two functioning props! 

    I still need to rig up lighting for this prop before I take any more videos! I really need to get on playing with synching the light up with the mouth to make the mirror fade in sync! 

    Another thing I started is my Store! Hopefully want to figure out something I can produce and make a nice product that people will enjoy and I make some money back considering cost of goods and my time! We shall see how motivated I am keeping it stocked with stuff year round. I think after Halloween I am going to devote time to the shop and maybe next year I will be financially better to build some more items and expand my base of what I can do! 🙂

  • Magic Mirror Progress!

    Ended up making a stand for the mirror to get it off my craft area! This isn’t screen accurate, but hopefully I will be the only one to notice! Haha! 
    Stand is made up of 2X4’s and only cost about $16 to make. It doesn’t get better than that! 
    I was worried about not being able to lay out the curve of the mirror correctly, but a simple solution revealed itself using a stack of printer paper and some tape! I just taped paper together and rubbed my finger over the edges and it made a sharp crease and I just followed the crease and cut out the template with some scissors! I used the template to make the arch below and then free handed the snake design onto the wood. I was proud of myself because I usually will use Illustrator/Photoshop to make an outline and scale it to full size, so when I print it I can trace it onto plywood accurately. I rely on the computer way too much sometimes and I hadn’t had time to draw it up on the computer and print it, so I just winged it. Didn’t come out all that bad. Crown was made using a compass and a ruler. 

    I purchased some fancy chauvel (sp) mirror hinges, so the mirror will be able to tilt on the stand if I need to control the lighting some what better. Once the mirror is all decorated, I will need to work on the guts of the project. The mouth is being driven by a scary terry servo, so it opens the jaw up when it hears sound and it returns to close when there isn’t any sound present! I am going to try and use a scary terry servo for the lighting as well, so the mirror will illuminate inside a few seconds before the mirror speaks and a couple of seconds after it stops! That way the inside light isn’t blinking on and off!

  • Craft Room!

    Been lagging on the blogging part, but only because I have been busy updating our craft room! My wife has been selling her hair bows at a fairly frantic pace and has been wanting a larger work area, so I found some pictures I liked and decided to craft my own! The table and bookshelves were made entirely out of wood sourced from LOWES. I normally go to a lumber yard for projects, but I wanted to make this some what inexpensive. Making the furniture out of oak or popular was out of my price range! I am happy with how everything turned out and she enjoys it more than her small table pictured on the top right!

    Finally got my old VW running, so I could get more material! Between about two Disneyland trips, working on the VW and putting a new tire on my motorcycle I’ve been lagging on my Halloween projects! 🙁 

    Both shelves have casters on the bottom, so we can wheel the shelves around. At first I thought it looked neat, but they have also come in handy! The small desk has been gifted to my sister in law and now both book shelves are placed against the wall on each side of the window! 

  • Two way mirror!

    Spent the better part of an afternoon making a box for my Magic Mirror Mask, cutting an oval shape to make it look as it were really oval, and making the two way mirror! Still a ton of playing around and detailing left, but at least I have the overall base finished.

    The two way mirror was accomplished by using a privacy window film from Gila. Essentially, if it is lighter on the outside the film acts like a mirror and will show a reflection and as soon as there is more light on the inside of the box it will expose the talking mask!

    The film was straight forward to use, but I will caution on cleaning the glass VERY VERY well. I had a few particles stuck under the film and they did squeegee out, but in the process it scored the film. Ah
    well. It adds the the overall look.. haha.

    Still going to play around with the lighting a ton to get a clean effect! I am using a scary terry servo board to make the mouth sync to the sound from my ipod. I may use the right and left channels to control sound and lighting.. Have the right channel for the mouth movement and use the left channel to turn the lights on as soon as the mask starts talking and off once he stops.. Will be a lot of editing in audacity, but should add to the overall effect!

    Sorry about all the noise in the background! My Wife was ten feet away working on bows and the sound was picked up by the camera! Haha!