Broom Dog is alive.. kinda, sorta, a little bit.. maybe?!

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Spent the better part of the week working on getting the motor setup for the Broom Dog, but it has not been cooperating! Unfortunately, when I made the broom dog I used materials I had laying around which was 3/4 inch plywood and it ends up being super heavy. The motor is not going to be up to the task of moving the head :<( I broke down and ended up buying a plan which I will never use ( its a waving Santa Clause from which uses the motor I bought from the company and I want to see how the setup the linkage and connected the motor and see if I was close and then I can use their superior linkage design with my own characters.)

I may end up re-cutting the head from thinner lighter material, or I bought some lazy susans that may be a tigther fit between the body and head and it may take some of the weight off of the motor.

Either way it has been a fun learning experience. This will be about my forth animated project which I want to do more off. I already have visions of cutting the Hitch Hiking Ghosts out of plywood and having them hitching for a ride and their arms moving up and down, tehehe! 🙂 Not sure if I’m going to  put the Pirates out for Halloween this year and if I do there will be little change over last year due to all the wedding projects I need to finish! 2013 should be a neat year because I will have some extra money (hopefully) and it will mark a year where I have my own place and I can decorate inside and outside and go INSANELY overboard!! Thinking I may put the Pirate theme on hiatus and go with a Haunted Mansion Halloween and use everything over again during Christmas but turn it into a Haunted Mansion Holdiay… Can’t wait!!

Less than four months away, eeek!!